Our Brand Story

Mama’s Delights is a home brand manufactured by Hai Soon Leong Sdn. Bhd, also known as HSL which started in 1967 with humble beginnings. as a family run food business.

Cooking is the greatest passion of Mr. Koh Keng Kok - the first successor of the family business, and he is usually seen in the kitchen creating and experimenting with new flavors and recipes. He truly loved cooking from the bottom of his heart, and as a result of his passion, his secret-ingredients sauce pastes have never failed to impress his clients, many of whom were traditional hawkers and some restaurant owners during his time. His recipes have become a core product for the company for many years, on top of supplying raw and processed ingredients.

Curry has been Mr. Koh’s favourite dish to prepare, and with Malaysia being a melting pot of cultures and traditions - he quickly recognized the uniqueness of Malaysian curry in this world as he traveled from country to country. Mr. Koh then saw the opportunity to introduce authentic Malaysian curry flavours to other countries through ready-made sauce pastes, and has since then been unwavering in his commitment to conquer taste buds around the world with authentic Malaysian recipes that our locals are proud of such as sambal, nyonya curry, and asam laksa.

In 2015, the brand Mama’s Delights was founded and our products were sold in stores and supermarkets across many countries. As of today, the brand has been consistently supplying ready-made authentic curry pastes, soup bases, and sambal to noteable hotels such as JW Marriott, Shangri-La, and InterContinental in China, on top of over 100 other luxury restaurants under the 3 groups.

Ultimately, Mama’s Delights aims to popularize local Malaysian taste and flavors across the globe, fulfilling Mr Koh’s original dream of conquering taste buds around the world with our curry, sambal, and soups.

The Story Behind Our Ingredients

In 1967, HSL was founded by the late Mr. Koh Thi San as a trading company which supplies marine and agricultural products to traditional food markets
and businesses. What was once a home business trading food ingredients with small-time hawkers and vendors has now turned into a full-fledged ingredients
manufacturing and exporting business with dealings from all over Asia Pacific.

Fast forward to year 1997, where we have established our own contract farming arrangement with China. This contract has since allowed us to scale up our
food production and enable us to optimize productivity, quality, and safe practices at source, especially in terms of pesticides
residuals control. This way, we have total control over how we source, farm, harvest, and
process our ingredients to ensure that only high-quality products reach our end customers.

We know for a fact that the quality of our ingredients directly affects the outcome of the flavour and tastes of our paste - hence why we do not compromise
on the freshness and grade of raw
ingredients that we source. Earlier in 2017, another contract was established with Sichuan
Academy of Agriculture Sciences and in year 2018, we acquired a 500,000 square meters chilli plantation at Chengdu to obtain different varieties of fresh
chillies. To demonstrate our passion and promise in delivering top-class ingredients - we’re actively engaged in a research into the
species of fresh chilies (hotness, color, size, ease of harvesting, increase of productivity through labor saving etc) with the Sichuan Academy.

Meanwhile, back in our home country in Malaysia - our newly acquired 128,000 sqft factory outlet continues to process (peel, cut, cook, dry, etc.) raw ingredients
and flavoured cooking oils for hundred of restaurants and hotels in our client base.

With this, our customers can rest assured that Mama’s Delights practices total transparency in the sourcing of food ingredients.

Discover Authentic Malaysian Recipes by

Chef Iskandar

Chef Iskandar Ishak is our Malaysian pride and joy - having served as a chef since 1998 with over 18 years of experience and hosting successful cooking shows such as Senduk Bergendang Belanga Menari as well as Menu Alam, which was seen through 4 seasons on Al-Hijrah TV. He was also the main host in another local TV series known as Kembara Bumi Suci Season 2 which features his travel journey to 12 countries for the purpose of sourcing rare ingredients.

Check out his recipes as featured below - simple meals made tastier with a bit of creativity from our own award-winning celebrity chef!

Our Promise To You

Made with 100% Real Ingredients Only

Our products contain no artificial flavors or coloring, remaining true to our passion for authentic local taste.

Food & Premises Certified HALAL by JAKIM

All ingredients are processed and handled with respect to our Muslim-majority customer base in Malaysia

Zero Compromise On High-Quality Ingredients

We have full control over the entire supply chain of our ingredients from farming to cooking to packing

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want to delight you with delicious flavors, efficient delivery, and impeccable customer service.


Our food products and premises have obtained Food Safety Standards as certified under HACCP, GMP, and MESTI under the Malaysian Ministry of Health, and are also certified HALAL by JAMKIM. Currently, we are working towards obtaining the food safety certification under FSSC 22000.


Are you a foodie with a passion to make Malaysian food world-famous? If your answer is yes, you’d make a great fit for our team!

The company began with just one man and his family in 1967. To date, we have about 180 employees consisting of both blue-collar workers and professionals in the field. Our work culture encourages one another to be innovative and creative - since our founder Mr Koh himself highly values these traits, which are also deemed important in the world of culinary With this culture set in stone,our company is continuously innovating to ensure product safety, quality consistencies, convenience, and new taste experiences to suit a wide variety of taste profiles of customers around the world.

Currently, we have vacancies in the following job positions:

Job Position

Store Manager

Puchong / Full Time / Contract

Sales and Marketing Manager

Puchong / Full Time / Permanent

Assistant Sales and Marketing Manager

Penang / Full Time / Permanent

Account Executive

KL / Full Time / Permanent

Start Your Own Brand

OEM Private Labeling

Creating your own brand of sauce paste and culinary delights is now easier than ever with the comprehensive services we offer at our HQ. Whether you're new to scene or been in the industry for a while, we have the ability to provide you with an extensive one-stop customized solution package that caters to your needs.

With our services, you can customize and curate recipes to your liking while we provide you with consultation on marketing your own private label. With a wide range of packaging configurations, rest assured that your brand will receive the highest quality and assurance from sourcing, cooking, packing to delivery. We will also give you valuable insights on emerging food trends to help you better meet the needs of your own customers.