Curry Laksa Concentrate Soup (100gm)
Soup Series
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Mama’s Delights’ Curry Laksa Concentrate packs a combination of a secret-recipe chilli paste with rich coconut milk among other ingredients. Taste the iconic Malaysian curry laksa with this soup concentrate - you’ll be amazed at how closely this concentrate mimics the flavour of curry laksa from your local stall!

Savour this incredibly rich, fragrant, complex flavoured broth that can be paired and loaded with all the essential classic Laksa toppings for an authentic broth you won't be able to resist.

Berat Bersih / Net Weight: 100g

Ingredients: Soya Oil, Onion, Chilies, Spices, Shrimp, Salt, Sugar, Chicken Seasoning, Yeast Extract, Disodium 5-Ribonucleotides

Contain Soy and Crustacean Product

Cara Memasak / Cooking Method:

1. Pour in 100g of broth, add in 600ml of water. Stir well

2. Let it boiled.

3. Ready to serve with other ingredient.

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