Hainanese Chicken Rice (100gm)
Paste Series Fusion Paste
RM4.70 RM6.80

Prepare a delicious and fragrant Hainanese Chicken Rice dish in a no time! Create the most authentic Malaysian version of the immensely popular dish with just one easy pack - Mama’s Delights’ Hainanese Chicken Rice Paste. 

Traditionally served with fragrant chicken and a medley of sauces, feast into the iconic dish in all of its delicious glory.

Berat Bersih / Net Weight: 100g

Ingredients: Chicken Oil, Ginger, Garlic, Chicken Seasoning, Latic Acid, Soya Oil, Spices

Contain Soy Products

Cara Memasak / Cooking Method:

1. Pour in 100gm of paste. Add in 350gm of rice.

2. Add 2-3 spoons of cooking oil/butter.

3. Add water. Stir well.

4. To have better taste, when the rice half cooked stir the rice and continue cook.

5. Serve hot when the rice is ready.

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